People are taking a break from Twitter and exploring other parts of the online world.

Twitter Break helps you find your friends and follow them wherever they go in the Mastodon ecosystem.

How it works

Step 0: Add your full Mastodon user name to your Twitter profile

Make it easy for your friends to know where you are, and make it easy for us to help them follow you. Win-Win-Win! :)

Step 1: Connect Twitter

We only ask for the permissions necessary to download your follows list, and we don't store it after we're done!

Step 2: (optional) Connect Mastodon

We only ask for the permissions needed to follow others.

Step 3: Follow!

Follow the people you are already following on Twitter, on Mastodon!

Step 4: Share the love!

The world needs more love, right? Let others know about Twitter Break

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